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High-level leadership training geared
specifically toward administrative professionals.

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About IAAP Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is undergoing construction! This life-changing program is getting a face-lift, and we CANNOT wait to unveil the results! More information will be available later this summer, so stay tuned. You won’t want to miss it!

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Learn about the kick-off at IAAP Summit 2017 and registration.
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Education Schedule

Plan ahead for this 16-week program. Download the virtual education plan by clicking the calendar for details.

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Word on The Street

Past attendees and employers rave about the benefits
and value of IAAP Leadership Academy.

"The cost is nominal and the value is tremendous. In addition to the content,
the opportunity to network, support one another, and lead is invaluable."

Dave Schecklman
VP & CIO Oshkosh Corporation

"Often our admins are overlooked when it comes to educational opportunities,
but when you give them a chance to learn and grow it can only benefit
your relationship with them and their relationship with the company."

Executive of an IAAP Leadership Academy 2015 Attendee

"What did Leadership Academy do for me? Wow. This class, and the coaching calls, feed one of two needs: it either convinces you of who you always were, or it confirms the suspicion you’ve had about who you could be. It allows you to circumvent that nagging belief that you are ‘just an admin’. Even if your goals lie outside of the profession, it stresses that your fate is firmly in your hands – not your boss', nor is it belied by the typical assumptions made about your role. It is up to you. The coaches and lessons within equip you with the skills and techniques needed to take your natural abilities and use them to their full extent, and impress upon you that how you view your skills dictates how others view them. Furthermore, the classes teach you how to use these skills to impact your future, and the one-on-one coaching sessions give you a sounding board as you attempt to implement these changes; a personal cheering section that you may not have previously known that you needed. In case it was understated—I loved this class. Veronica helped me tremendously, and it’s already resulted in a promotion with numerous other opportunities."

Sharniece Moore
Project Administrator, Georgia Technology Authority
Leadership Academy 2015 Graduate


Experiential Learning

Learning cohorts of 25 or fewer people will facilitate an organic learning environment
where you can easily gain focus, brainstorm with others, and receive helpful advice.

Meet with your learning cohort for the first time at the in-person education session.
Afterward, join a discussion, work on projects, and network with your learning cohort.


Each segment is designed to empower and educate office and administrative professionals.
Learn how to earn and keep your seat at the big table. Click the images for more.

Meet the Faculty

IAAP Leadership Academy features top-notch instructors that inspire and instill confidence.
Each faculty member is dedicated to making sure you are able to reap all of the amazing benefits of the program.
Click each photo to learn more about the IAAP Leadership Academy faculty.

Veronica Cochran, IAAP Leadership Academy

Dr. Veronica Cochran

Francisco A. Gónima


Registration is limited to 50 IAAP members. Prefer to register via email or snail mail?
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Once you register for Leadership Academy, you will receive a discount code to obtain the $300 discount to Summit. Please register for Leadership Academy first if attending both.

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